Should people with hypertension use special salt?

It is said that many salt products today are safe for people with high blood pressure. However, this product remains a great question mark for most people with hypertension. In fact, do you really need a product like this or not?

The use of special salt for hypertension is not really necessary. Basically, it can be more cunning than a rather tasteless food, since it does not use table salt and adds several herbs and spices to have a stronger flavor.

In this way, it is safer than using special salts for hypertension. Some salts specifically for hypertension contain potassium chloride. People who should limit their daily potassium intake should avoid this substance.

In addition, sea salt, which is said to have a lower sodium content than table salt, is not really completely safe and recommended.

It is found that sea salt contains a variety of other minerals that are quite high, so be careful with those who suffer from hypertension.

In addition to regulating the food of patients with hypertension, follow these tips

Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day.
Stop smoking
Relaxation therapy and stress management.
Always read the Nutrition Information label on the food/beverage packaging, especially the sodium content. Choose foods that contain% AKG (Nutritional Adequacy Level) or% DV (Daily Value) of 5% sodium or less.
Avoid foods packaged with more than 20% AKG or% DV sodium.
Take blood pressure medications regularly if hypertension has been diagnosed, even when blood pressure is normal.

Always consult a doctor to adjust the dose of high blood pressure medication you need.