Pre-Existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance for diabetes

Pre-existing medical condition is a term often used by travel insurance companies to categorise clients that pose a higher risk than standard. One of those conditions is diabetes. Simply by being diabetic you will be more likely to receive a higher premium on your travel insurance.
Luckily as a diabetic your diabetes only comes into play when buying diabetic travel insurance, otherwise, as an NHS patient, there is little extra cost associated with the condition. In Australia, diabetes is a monthly expense, although thankfully its subsidised. This additional premium on diabetic travel insurance makes sense though, the more a risk you are of making a claim, the more they charge for the policy. Not unlike car insurance or even home insurance. This is always taken into consideration when insuring someone with a pre-existing medical condition.

Often these days, travel insurance, is offered as part of a package, free with your flights, holiday or even bank account! If you have or are thinking about taking one of these “free” policies, make sure diabetes is covered. The majority of these travel insurance freebies leave out that important bit of information! Check the small print, does it exclude pre-existing medical conditions? Read the policy details carefully. If diabetes is not listed, then you are not covered! So if you make an insurance claim, even one not directly related to diabetes, you could find yourself out of pocket with an invalid policy! Using a specialist insurer like is often the wisest chose to make.

Our advice; buy your travel insurance for diabetes from a company who knows and understands your condition, this way your diabetes is understood and fully covered, often at very little extra cost to you. In fact even if diabetes isn’t your only pre-existing medical condition, we believe the policy providers we’ve found will do their very best to provide you with an excellent policy with only a little or no additional cost. Have a look through the information provided here and make up your own mind, at the end of the day you must do the best for you! As always is there is anything we can do to help or you have any questions then please drop us an email.

Diabetes Travel Insurance and Advice
We’re always excited about our holidays, its the one time of the year we can truly relax! But before you head off, make sure you take a look through our diabetes travel advice section and don’t forget your discounted travel insurance for diabetics, only available via our site.

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