How To Start A Startup Business?

If you have an excellent idea about the business that you want to develop. But you don’t know where to start, then this is a helpful guide to start a business. Take a few minutes here on this page, and you will discover a lot of information and many tips to start a start-up. How To Start A Startup Business?

The latest data shows that in our country, the number of start-ups registered in the dedicated section of the Business Register is progressively increasing. This means that it is a very topical topic; as a real opportunity for all young graduates looking for work. Unicusano has decided to deal with the issue in-depth, dedicating a series of insights to the requirements for opening a start-up, costs and strategies for finding sources of funding.

What is a start-up: history and regulations?

The term start-up identifies a new company which, set up in the form of a temporary organization or that of a limited company, seeks a repeatable and scalable business model. Today, innovative start-ups, defined by the law decree of 18 October 2012 as joint-stock companies, also established in cooperative form. How To Start A Startup Business?

Initially, the term start-up identified the emerging business ideas operating in the information and internet technology sector. Over time, the field of employment has expanded to include all the other sectors of Italian entrepreneurship.

How to start a start-up? tips and tricks

When you decide to create a new company with the corporate purpose of producing and developing technological and innovative products/services, it is advisable to register as an ‘innovative start-up’. The suggestion is to be taken into consideration for two reasons; the first is that most of the calls and competitions in Italy are reserved for innovative start-ups; the second concerns the possibility of accessing a series of facilities provided for entrepreneurial projects with a high ‘technological-innovative’ content.

In general, to open a start-up in our country, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the tools to evaluate the investment project. Both from an economic and financial point of view. In other words, it is essential to have a managerial preparation. Which includes the know-how necessary to manage the life cycle of a company. Starting from the business idea, passing through the design and implementation, and arriving at a successful and profitable.

Master in Business Startup

For new graduates who want to specialize to become entrepreneurs and start a business; for professionals who need to update their knowledge. Young people who wish to develop their start-up ideas. The Niccolò Cusano Telematic University has structured a training course that aims to provide all the most effective and innovative tools and strategies for designing and building a business. How To Start A Startup Business?

We are talking about the master in business start-up, post-graduate course of the level related to the faculty of economics.

Instructive plan

The academic structure of the master in business start-up includes the following subjects:

  • Elements of business economics;
  • Business economics and management;
  • Business plan and analysis of management costs;
  • Start-up ecosystem;
  • Legal aspects in starting a start-up in light of the latest regulatory changes;
  • Analysis of relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • Web marketing principles and techniques: project promotion and communication;
  • Online reputation: (the Trip Advisor case);
  • Case History (Testimonial Manager Groupon Italy);
  • Business crisis management;
  • Control activity;
  • Project work: strategic, structural and operational check-up to start a start-up.
  • The course lasts one academic year during which 1,500 hours of total commitment are expected.

Cost and Expense

The Unicusano online master in a business start-up has an annual fee of 1,300 euros. The payment of which is to be paid in two equal instalments. A reduced registration fee of 950 euros, also to be paid in two instalments of the same amount. The cost also includes e-books, handouts, slides and seminars for thematic study. How To Start A Startup Business?

Distance education

In light of what is explained in this article, you will surely have understood that to create an innovative start-up. A series of requirements are necessary as well as the fulfilment of a bureaucratic process, boring but essential. This will take away money, energy and a lot of time.

With these assumptions, it is difficult to evaluate the possibility of enrolling in a post-graduate specialization that improves your skills and allows you to create a successful start-up; yet you know it would be beneficial to you.

How can we reconcile the two activities?

Simple, with a flexible and personalized training, which adapts to your schedule and allows you to attend the course without the stress of timetables to be respected and constraints of presence in the classroom; in other words with distance learning.

Unicusano offers you the opportunity to choose the e-learning training mode. Perfect for managing the daily routine of those who want to become a startupper without stress.

Upon registration, you will receive the access credentials to the telematics platform, which will represent the primary tool of your learning. All you need is a PC connected to the internet, or a mobile device, to attend the master comfortably from home.

Through the countless potential of the platform, you can choose when to follow the lessons in streaming, where to view them and how many times to listen to them again.

Doesn’t it seem enough for you?

Then add that through the innovative learning tool you can also take advantage of the assistance and support of tutors and teachers. Ready to respond via chat, email or video conference to your questions, your doubts and your needs to deepen specific topics.

Now that you have information and advice to start a start-up in Italy, perhaps the time has come to evaluate enrollment in a master’s degree, to make your idea of ​​a start-up concrete and successful.

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