Before Starting a Side Business, Pay Attention to this

Before Starting a Side Business, Pay Attention to this

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Are you an employee who wants to start a side business that you’ve been planning for a long time? Before starting a side business, you need to pay attention to various things in this article.

Various considerations and steps to start this side business can help you to start building your company wisely. This can keep your business growing.

1. Make a Commitment with Yourself
The decision to start a side business is indeed difficult. This makes you spend a lot of time and energy planning and making difficult decisions.

Write a list of all the activities and responsibilities you have during the week and the time you spend on those activities. Look for people you might be able to rely on to reduce involvement in an activity. Be honest that you are focusing on a new project that means a lot to you.

After that, try crossing out various activities that are not very useful from your schedule. You can spend less time watching TV, playing video games, or exploring Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The more time you can spend, the faster you can see the results of your side business.

2. Inventory Your Strengths and Interests
What skills are needed in your new business idea? Do you master it?

You might have at least some of the skills needed to make your business a reality. However, if you don’t have it, you are now faced with a difficult decision; spend time learning new skills or outsourcing to others?

As an entrepreneur, you need to have some soft skills to help you grow your business. This soft skill must be owned by you as a provision to run a business. You can read what soft skills you need to practice in this article.

In addition to soft skills, you of course also need hard skills that are appropriate to your area of ​​business. If you don’t have these skills, that’s okay. You can find many talented freelancers out there who are ready to work with you.

3. Validate Your Business Idea
When Fortune (Global Business Media from the United States) decided to ask the startup founders who failed about what was wrong, the first reason that arose was the lack of market demand for their products.

At the beginning of business planning, you need to validate your business idea. You need to get honest feedback from the first customer who wants to pay for your product. As Basecamp’s founder Jason Fried said, “The only important answer is money spent. People will answer when they pay for something. That’s the only answer that is very important.”

It is human nature to think that we are right and that our ideas are always extraordinary. Unfortunately, our business concepts and product ideas are often not fully thought out, useful, or even reviewed properly.

By slowing down to start a business and process and improve products based on customer feedback, you will gradually create solutions that are suitable to meet their needs. Your business will be able to continue to grow later ..