A Guide To Find The Best Health Policy

It can be a difficult task to find the best insurance if you do not know how to follow the procedure and how to find it so that we present you with this article that will help you to find the best insurance. A Guide To Find The Best Health Policy.

How can we find proper medical insurance on the internet?

If you have directed to the internet to get the best medical insurance for you, it is because you already know that it can be beneficial for having advice and opinions that will direct you to the right choice. A Guide To Find The Best Health Policy

However, you may not know that on the net, you can take advantage of specific tools, created to compare the different policies based on your needs, indicating the most interesting and convenient ones.

Determine These Things to find the best health insurance

First, make a list of the thing that needs to be determined to find the best health policy:

Age and disease limitations: companies always place limits on age and pre-existing diseases.

Coverage: the benefits that are included in the policy and those that are not.

The type of reimbursement: does the company pay the health professionals who performed the services directly, or does the insured have to pay the costs in advance?

Reward: It is essential to know that reward is in line with your spending skills.

The ceiling: must be sufficiently high.

Deductibles and overdrafts: that is, the expenses that you will have to pay in any case.

Assistance: the assistance service must be easily accessible and know how to help you.

Additional services: depending on your job and your needs, some other services offered by a policy can be essential.

Let us now examine these individual aspects, one by one.

The limits of health insurance policies

All insurance companies put restrictions on who can be insured and who cannot. For health insurance policies, the limits can be:

Age: this is the case of the many companies that do not protect over 75 years. However, with the increase in life expectancy and the improvement of health conditions even in old age, this limit is moving further and further, and there are also specific policies that ensure for a lifetime. A Guide To Find The Best Health Policy

The presence of certain diseases: for example, HIV, addiction to alcohol and drugs, or, in rarer cases, insulin addiction.

Make sure that the policy you have identified as suitable for you (and possibly your family members included in the coverage).


Each health policy provides benefits that are included in the blanket and others that are not included. Different types of systems cover various benefits. The best medical insurance for you is the one that protects you and protects your loved ones against the cases of illness, accident, a disability that seem more likely to you, and that you fear the most.

To find out exactly which policy covers cases, you must carefully read the contractual documentation. In any case, most basic health policies cover:

  • Diagnostic tests and investigations for diseases or accidents.
  • Surgical interventions for diseases or accidents.
  • Hospital admissions, rehabilitation, physiotherapy.
  • Expenses for medicines purchased during hospitalization.
  • Telephone or home consultations with their affiliated doctors.

In general, however, they do not cover:

  • Preventive exams.
  • Dental interventions, except those caused by illness or accident.
  • Expenses with nutritionists.
  • Aesthetic interventions.
  • Correction procedures for congenital disabilities.
  • Treatments or accidents due to alcohol abuse, drugs, psychotropic drugs.

The type of refund

Here is a significant and often underestimated issue. Some policies provide for the direct payment of expenses by the company. In contrast, others operate as reimbursement, so the patient advances the costs, and then, following the supply of specific documentation, the company reimburses it.

It must be said that insurance companies generally fully reimburse the services carried out at contracted professionals and clinics. At the same time, they can decide to compensate only partially those paid to non-contracted professionals and clinics.

The prize

In the case of some private health insurance, the prices (more precisely called premiums) can be very high. A policy that is right for you is not a financial burden for you and your family.

The ceiling

The ceiling is the maximum amount that the insurance company is willing to repay. You have to make sure he’s tall enough to make you feel comfortable. Private health care costs can be very high, and too low a ceiling may not cover them in the event of significant intervention.

Deductibles and Discoveries

Deductibles and overdrafts are figures that the insured person finds himself paying even in the event of a claim that falls under insurance coverage. You must be sure that those in your health insurance policy do not penalize you.

The assistance

When you have a health problem, your health insurance company must know how to respond immediately and help you. For this reason, it is crucial to verify that the assistance service is always at your disposal and can help you in the best way.

An example: in the case of health insurance for children, companies generally offer the advice of a pediatrician, who, where necessary, comes to visit at home. It is, therefore, not a general practitioner but a professional specialized in childhood problems.

The additional services

The additional services offered by a policy are often essential. For example, some plans offer a refund for lost earnings during recovery, which is very useful for freelancers and entrepreneurs, especially in single-income families. Others cover home care, which is essential for those who cannot count on the help of a spouse or relatives during recovery.

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