9 Surefire Ways to Conduct Business Promotion

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A business certainly requires promotion as a marketing medium. Because without the promotion of business it is difficult for businesses to be known by consumers. Not only that, business promotion is now very useful as a means of engagement with consumers so that the impact obtained is longer. Even for this reason business promotion has become a very mandatory thing to do even when the business has grown.

But one thing to note is that promotion and marketing require a lot of money. Of course, as a business owner, you don’t want to spend quite a lot of money reaping ineffective results. Therefore, you must be smart to choose what promotion methods are indeed in accordance with your brand so that the results are optimal. Here are 9 surefire ways that can be used as a reference when doing promotions.

1. Discounts

Discounts are always the mainstay of business owners to attract buyers. Most consumers will usually decide to buy when they see a discounted price tag printed on your product. The types of discounts that can be applied quite a lot. Can be in the form of discounted prices, get free products for purchases in certain quantities, special discounts for certain professions, discounts through voucher codes, shipping costs discounts and so forth.

But the application of discounts should not be hasty. Adjust to the type of product, the benefits to be achieved and the ability of your capital. Do not let this discount that actually causes harm to your business.

2. Using Social Media

Social media has become one of the most effective media for promotion because almost everyone uses social media accounts in their daily lives. Your upload about products and promotions on social media can be accessed by thousands of people, both local and international. This wide reach can be done at a cost that is not too high because the use of social media is free of charge.

Besides promotion on social media is not only about selling, but also can help branding and build two-way communication with customers on social media. This strategy makes consumer loyalty last longer.

3. Make use of Momentum

Take advantage of moments such as the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, youth oath days, birthdays and so forth. Give the best deals or the best prices when days like this come. Or you can also conceptualize your product in accordance with the moment that is being celebrated. On big days like this, people usually flock to look for items that will describe the moment they celebrate.

They can only shop with a very large amount, so it is not too detrimental if you provide a more tilted price. This will actually attract more consumers to buy at your place than to other places with the same product.

4. Become a Sponsor

At present there are many events held by various parties such as schools, campuses, companies, agencies, certain event organizers and so on. Usually the organizer needs a sponsor to support the event. You can use this event as a promotional platform by participating as a sponsor.

By becoming a sponsor, you can make your brand better known by providing products as door prizes or setting up booths at the event. Another advantage is that the MC will usually read the names of sponsors even repeatedly.